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SCHEDULED CAREER FAIRS & OPEN HOUSES (East Coast – Maine to Florida)

Visit Career Fairs East Coast ( for a current list of career fairs and open houses! The listings include general career fairs, career fairs for those with security clearances, and websites that store resumes for jobseekers. Special notes: Check with both the sponsor and the hosting facility for listed Career Fairs and Open Houses before leaving home. Pre-registration or early registration can often make for easier access. Many Career Fair providers now require that you pre-register and do not accept resumes onsite. Some require early registration if not holding Military ID. When attending Career, Fairs be sure to bring more resumes than you plan to distribute. When attending, an Open House be sure to bring a half-dozen copies of your resume. Also, note the resources listed at the end of this career fair listing. These resources are categorized by type of search. Please feel free to forward this listing to others you feel can benefit from the information and ability to plan. To receive your own copy of the listing please request such at: Next distribution scheduled for July 2, 2017. Find the Career Fairs and Open Houses here:

Dating 101: Where to Find Hot Dates!!!

Dating 101: Where do you find hot dates? I’ve been blessed to have a healthy and active dating life. I’ve even once contributed to an Essence Magazine article on “Where to find Good Men!” 🔥 🔥🔥

What I’ve found that WORKS is being open to new and fun possibilities. Where do you meet quality dates? The truth is ANYWHERE!!!

Social Media: I’ve met men online via social media (Facebook/Black Planet/Mingle City/Message Boards). This opens up the possibility to TRAVEL and meet men and women outside of your immediate area. As an Air Force Veteran I continuously moved to new areas. Social Media sites really helped me not only meet new men but helped me to build lifelong friendships.

Dating Sites: Online dating sites (Black People Meet/Tinder/POF/ are great pathways to engaging and meeting new prospects. Try changing your profile when you prepare for travel and meet local men and women no matter where you are around the globe. The beauty of the internet is that you are not limited to your geographical region. You can date and connect with potential lovers throughout the world. Your possibilities are limitless.

Non-profit/Civic Associations: If you value SERVICE you can meet high-quality and civically engaged partners while SERVING!

• Political organizations (Young Democrats/Local Political Clubs)
• Non-profit Orgs (United Way/Greater Washington Urban League Young Professionals Network/National Society of Black Engineers/National Association of Black Journalists)
• Volunteering (Career Days at Local Schools/Partners in Education/Mentoring, Serving Food to the Homeless and Habitat for Humanity.)

Church/Religious Organizations: If you desire a partner that serves God or a higher power it may be beneficial to focus your energy on going to church or religious events. Singles Ministries and Bible Study or other activities open the pathway to serve God but also connect with someone who holds the same beliefs.

On the Job: Work is the least likely place that I would look for a partner but it’s inevitable. You can peacefully date a coworker or someone that works at your job but use discretion. Impromptu lunch dates or coffee breaks can be fun!

Everyday Life: Keep your ears and eyes open as you go through life. Your husband or wife may be at the grocery story. I hear Wegman’s is a great place to explore. You might encounter your love at a Happy Hour or while out on the town to see a play. The key is “Be ready and keep your heart and mind open.”


Simply Ebony ❤❤️❤

God’s Child – How I Survived Trauma and Turned Tragedy into Truimph

A poster from a social media group recently asked, “on a scale of 1-7 what are your beliefs according to the Dawkins Scale?” I thought initially, “why is this today’s discussion?” I’m definitely a 1, I believe strongly in God and know without Him I am nothing. I’ve survived so much trauma in life: CHILD ABUSE, RAPE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and WAR. It’s because of God’s grace that I survived and turned Tragedy into Triumph!

There have been multiple times when I questioned God and asked why He would allow so much hurt in my life? After I was raped at the tender age of 15, I turned away from God for the first time. I’ve learned without God as my center, my life spirals out of control. Sure I could have chose to hate God and hate those who hurt me. Instead, I chose love. One day at my lowest point I literally dropped to my knees and prayed. I asked God to use me as his vessel to help others heal.

Once I FINALLY started living my life God’s way I’ve been abundantly blessed. I started my non-profit “The Next Chapter,” to provide much needed resources to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. I recently co-authored a book with my Veteran Sisters titled “Camouflaged Sisters Presents Behind the Ranks Vol I,” to share our stories. I joined my Veteran Sisters who are “Own Our Way Up,” and “Brown Girls Syndicate” in two Mastermind Groups to push our businesses, professional and personal lives forward. Finally, I launched two of my newest ventures “Simply Ebony” my lifestyle blog and “Success Creators” to help others discover their pathway to success. Everything that I have accomplished in life is because of God’s Grace.


Simply Ebony

Military Veterans Transition with No Stress

Military veterans are you looking to transition soon? Stop just talking about your plans and take action. Do what is necessary to prepare for your pathway to success with no stress.

1. Complete your pre-separation counseling, sign up for TAPS and attend at least 2 years out for retirees and 1 year for separates.

2. Start preparing financially to pay off bills and build your savings.

3. Schedule medical appointments and document any and all medical ailments. Even if it is minor like allergies.

4. Request copies of your medical records at least three months out and start preparing to file your medical disability claim via a Veteran Service Org like VFW.

5. Research the requirements for any desired career. Ensure you can check off the experience, education, certifications, and any special skills needed. If not seek the additional training/skills.

6. Start attending job fairs and network with recruiters. Make sure you have an updated resume. Be sure to get the recruiters business cards and add them via Linked In. Follow up with the recruiter on job opportunities.

7. Create a Linked In profile and start joining groups that match your career interest.

8. If you plan to attend college. It is never too early to start. Sign up and get your degree program started or finish it out.

9. Last but not least….relax. You made your decision and can be confident that your transition will be smooth if you prepare purposefully.


Simply Ebony

San Diego Gunman Goes on Shooting Rampage and Blames Ex-Girlfriend

LADIES: If you are involved in a relationship with an abusive and controlling person: GET OUT. Your life is worth it. Please do not think that you are responsible for another grown persons reactions. This is the second murderer who cowardly went on a gun rampage and blamed his ex-girlfriend.

Peter Selis, 49, according to the San Diego Police Department, killed a woman and wounded six others at a poolside birthday party in the University of California-San Diego area on Sunday. He was ultimately shot and killed by officers. Prior to his death Selis called his ex-girlfriend to have her listen as he carried out the killings.
For more information about this story visit here:

Are You Living Your Life’s Purpose?

It was just two years ago I lost my cousin Tarik Shaw. I called him Lump Lump. He was my age so it truly hit home. Never would I have imagined that our family would lose our loved one so soon. We were in our mid-30s, at that point in life you feel invincible like you will live forever. We had just lost his Grandmother, my Aunt Ruby not too many years ago to Breast Cancer. His death reminded me of a few things: Live life to the fullest. You never know when you will take your last breath. Treat others with love and compassion. One thing that is for certain my cousin was loved throughout the community. His friends and all of our family came out in full force to honor his legacy.

Are you truly living out your purpose? What do you want your legacy to be once you are gone? How do you want to be remembered?


Apply here:

We’re looking for incoming freshmen or rising sophomore college students who are in or have aged out of the foster care system. Recipients of the scholarship will receive up to $90,000 to help cover tuition, housing, mentors, and activities to create familial bonds with other scholarship recipients. Tag someone you think should apply!

We are accepting applications from the following locations:
-Washington D.C.

Aaron Hernandez, Former New England Patriots Player, Commits Suicide in Prison

Breaking news: Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots player, has committed suicide in prison Wednesday morning. Hernandez was discovered hanging in his cell at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts. Hernandez was convicted of murder and serving life without parole for killing Odin L. Lloyd in North Attleborough in 2013. He was recently acquitted of murdering two men in Boston in 2012.

According to a statement from the department: “Mr. Hernandez was in a single cell in a general population unit. He hung himself utilizing a bedsheet that he attached to his cell window. Mr. Hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items.” Hernandez was transported to UMass Memorial in Leominster, where he was pronounced dead at 4:07 a.m. on Wednesday.

The State Police are still investigating, and his family has been notified.

What is Your Why?

Coaching training has taught me to stop and reflect on the “right now.” At this moment my reason “WHY” are these beautiful little girls that watch me with curious eyes when I speak, that know because of me and the Sisters that stand on this platform with me: They CAN! Once you know your reason “WHY” your life becomes far less complicated and much more purposeful. It’s a beautiful feeling. What is your WHY? #SimplyEbony #Mentor #Volunteer #Youth

Cleveland Police Department Issued an Aggravated Murder Warrant for Steve Stephens

The Cleveland Police Department has issued an aggravated murder warrant for Steve Stephens. He is a 37 year old, 6’1″ tall, 244 lbs, black male with a bald head and a beard. Last seen driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary tags. The suspect is armed and dangerous. Yesterday, Stephens killed Robert Godwin, Sr., a 74 year old man, in cold blood and posted the video on FaceBook live. The victim was shot at 635 E. 93, in Cleveland, Ohio. Stephens referenced that he snapped and murdered Mr. Godwin, Sr. in retaliation of his recent break up with his girlfriend Joy Lane.

Call 9-1-1 if you see the suspect. Please do not approach him. Stephens may currently be in northeast Ohio or surrounding states to include Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, and Michigan. The suspect confessed in a video posted on Facebook to killing 13 others; however, the police have not found any additional victims. The investigation is still ongoing, please contact the police department if you have any information that may help this case.

For additional information on this story please visit the Cleveland Police Departments page for real time updates: