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#SayHerName Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam Found Dead in Hudson River

#SayHerName I’m sitting here reading the stories about the death of Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first black woman to serve on New York State’s highest court. Judge Abdus-Salaam was found dead Wednesday in the Hudson River. The police alleged that she died of an apparent suicide. One thing that is alarming is that both her mother and brother committed suicide. Mental health issues are definitely an issue in our community. My CSI radar is going off rapidly though. It is very odd that this trailblazer judge, her mother and brother all died from suicide in a fairly short period? I think this case should be thoroughly investigated for foul play.

Here is an excerpt from The NY Times story: In the hours after her body was found, the police said they were treating her death as a suicide. The judge, 65, had recently told friends and a doctor that she was suffering from stress. And tragedy had followed her closely: On Easter in 2012, her mother committed suicide at age 92, according to two law enforcement officials. Two years later, around the same holiday, her brother shot himself to death, the officials said.”

I truly hope that the New York Police Department conducts a thorough investigation to determine if her death was a possible homicide. The entire situation is sad. May Judge Abdus-Salaam Rest In Peace.


 #JusticeForShadowMcClaine This story truly breaks my heart. There are too many silent victims of domestic violence who have reached out for help yet their cries fall on deaf ears. There are too many murdered victims killed at the hands of their abusers. Shadow McClaine, a Fort Campbell soldier, was viciously sexually assaulted and murdered by her ex-husband SGT. Jamal Williams-McCray and his accomplice SPC Charles Robinson. McClaine originally went missing on September 2, 2016. Family and friends launched a tireless campaign to convince the Army to open an investigation and conduct a search to find her. McClaine’s skeletal remains were found earlier this year at the Maxey Road exit off Interstate 24, in Clarksville, Tennessee. The cause of death has not been disclosed.

Multiple charges have been filed against Williams-McCray and Robinson for the murder of McClaine, according to Fort Campbell officials. The two suspects are held in pre-trial confinement pending the outcome of the court-martial charges that include the following: Article 134 – kidnapping, Article 81 – conspiracy, and Article 118 – premeditated murder, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). In addition, Williams-McCray has been charged with sexual assault, aggravated assault, and obstruction of justice. The preliminary hearing for all of the charges will be held later in the month.

Please view the original Crime Watch story for additional details:

Simply Ebony Career Information for Jobseekers and Transitioning Veterans

#SimplyEbony Career Tips for Jobseekers, Transitioning Veterans, Military, and Students. Land your dream job! Brand yourself. Learn interview skills. Update your LinkedIn.

Social Media Skills for Military to Civilian Job Search

The Northern Virginia Chapter of MOAA featured a presentation by: Karin Durkee, Director of Social Media, Corporate Gray ( on the use of the new, updated LinkedIn, for job seekers transitioning from the military.

The following Q&A brought out a number of useful tools and uses of the social media. She is the author of Social Media and Your Job Search: Maximizing Your Network for a Successful Transition. According to Impact Publications ( her book is “specifically designed to help military personal and their families develop and use social media skills in their military-to-civilian job search.”

Copies of this inexpensive tool for job seekers can be secured here: I don’t do this often, however, there were so many positive comments I feel this is worth knowing about as a truly helpful resource.

Fort Belvoir Career Fair
Date: April 27, 2017
Sponsored by Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program

Register here:

Goodwill Industries of Chesapeake, Inc. is hosting a hiring event on Thursday, April 27, 2017, from 10:00am-2:00pm, in Baltimore! Companies include: CVS, Goodwill, Marriott, 7-11, Radisson Hotel, and Chipotle. (See Flyer for more details)

Military Spouse (Hiring Our Heroes) Career Event – Personal Branding, Hiring Fair, and Career Planning

Jobseekers find your perfect job on Beyond!

Didlake Career Opportunities

Didlake facilitates individual job success through careful screening, job training and continuing support. Excellent wages, benefits and the opportunity to make a difference have earned Didlake the reputation for being a great place to work. Didlake offers employees a variety of benefits that encourage long-term employment and upward mobility. More than 75 percent of Didlake employees are people with disabilities and our contract services support jobs at dozens of work locations in Virginia and the Washington, DC metropolitan area.
Transitioning Military and Veterans get great information about job fairs, employment webinars, veteran friendly companies, hot jobs and education opportunities here:
Corporate Gray Newsletter

Corporate Gray also offers a great Transition Guide for transitioning military and veterans:
How to Make the Most of the Job Fair Experience

Attending a job fair can be an effective use of your time, but you will only get out of it what you put in. Make the most of your job fair experience by following some simple tips to help you prepare beforehand and use your time wisely during the event.

Research the companies in advance and be prepared to talk to recruiters about their openings and how your background matches their needs. Visit the company’s website, and use,, and to learn more. Also contact your LinkedIn connections working at those companies to ask for information about the company and for assistance in identifying appropriate job opportunities.

Come prepared with questions about the companies and be ready to explain what you can do for them. Make the most of the face-to-face opportunities the job fair offers. Obtain as much information as possible from the recruiters to help determine whether you and their company are a good fit.

Don’t expect to receive job offers on the spot, as most companies must follow a vetting process before a job offer can be extended. View the job fair as an opportunity to present your skills and demonstrate your enthusiasm. At the end of the conversation, ask the recruiter about next steps. After the job fair, invite them to join your LinkedIn network.

Read more here

Upcoming Job Fairs

Military-Friendly Job Fairs

Corporate Gray Military-Friendly Job Fair * March 24, 2017 * Arlington, VA
Meet face-to face with dozens of great companies on March 24th Corporate Gray Military-Friendly Job Fair at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. Some of the participating companies include: Booz Allen Hamilton, National Security Agency, SAIC, YRCI, Alion Science and Technologies, FCi Federal, Fulcrum IT, Advanced Concepts and Technologies, U.S. Postal Service, GEICO, AECOM, United Medical Center, Wells Fargo, ASRC Federal, Edward Jones, and many more! Job fair hours are 9 am to 12:30 pm, with an employer panel discussion starting at 8 am. For additional information and to register, visit Free to all job seekers.

Corporate Gray Military-Friendly Job Fair * April 20, 2017 * Springfield, VA
Save the date for the April 20th Corporate Gray Military-Friendly Job Fair at the Waterford Reception Center in Springfield, Virginia. Job fair hours are 9 am to 12:30 pmwith an employment seminar starting at 8 am. Meet face-to-face with representatives from Booz Allen Hamilton, Leidos, U.S. Postal Service, YRCI, AECOM, Fulcrum IT, ACT I, New York Life, and many more! For additional information and to register, visit Free to all job seekers.

TAOnline Virtual Career Fair * The Big Virtual * March 28, 2017
The Big Virtual is a quarterly TAOnline Virtual Career Fair where U.S. veterans and security cleared professionals can connect online with military-friendly organizations. The event takes place from your computer on March 28th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm (EST). This event is for anyone seeking nationwide opportunities and is for all ranks and branches of service, including active duty, Reserve, National Guard, and individuals with a security clearance (including civilians). For more information and to register for the event, visit

Get up to date job fair info here:

Upcoming Webinars

Sponsored by Battlefield Resumes, LLC

Free Weekly Employment Webinars
Join our free weekly 1-hour webinars and learn how to translate your military experience into civilian language; how to find jobs that align to your military experience wherever you want to live; how to tailor and target your résumé and cover letter; and how to tailor your interview answers so you have an advantage over other applicants. Learn the Federal Government (USAJOBS, etc.) hiring process as well as the Corporate Defense Contractor hiring process. Résumé Writing Certification Programs also available. All free webinars are conducted on our YouTube channel under “Upcoming Live Streams.” Here is the link to the site:


Department: Department of the Navy
Agency: U.S. Marine Corps
Hiring Organization: Headquarters United States Marine Corps
Number of Job Opportunities & Location(s): 1 vacancies – Arlington, Virginia
Salary: $124,406.00 to $187,000.00 / Per Year
Series and Grade: ES-1102-00
Open Period: Thursday, March 23, 2017 to Monday, April 24, 2017 <about:blank>
Position Information: Senior Executive Service (SES) – Full Time
Who May Apply: All groups of qualified individuals – Actual salary may vary depending on the scope and complexity of qualifications and the current compensation of the selectee.
JOB FAIR – “FREE” AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC- Job Fair, April 8th, 2017

Please see the attached flyer with listings of employers and open positions. Feel free to post on your social media sites: Facebook and LinkedIn!

Thank you for your support and we appreciate you sharing with co-workers, neighbors, family members, community and churches about our “FREE” Services in DMV areas.

Somali Linguists Wanted!

LOOKING FOR CAT II and CAT III Somali linguists for Somali and Djibouti
Somali (SM)

Somali/Amharic (SM/AC)

Somali/Arabic (SM/AD)

Somali/French (SM/FR)

Acholi (AH)

Also, we are able to sponsor clearances for the following languages:

Somali/Arabic (SM/AD) and Somali/Amharic (SM/AC)

Location: Somalia and Djibouti

At least a US citizen.

We will sponsor your clearance if you are just a US citizen for Somali/Arabic (SM/AD) and Somali/Amharic (SM/AC) Linguists, but are also looking for people who have SECRET and TOP SECRET clearances as well.

You will be working alongside the troops. Your main function will be translation.

That could be in the form of face to face translation, listening to radio intercepts, and reading documents. Most of your time will be on a base there, but there could be some patrols as well. All with the US military with them at all times.

This job directly impacts the safety and security of the United States of America. Your role is huge in ensuring that we as a country stay safe and that our soldiers come home to their loved ones. This is not something we take lightly at all.

No Experience required. Must be a US citizen. This position is also open to naturalized US citizens.

Please send resume to discuss salary range, doe

These salaries are federal tax free.

This will be for a one year contract, where your room and board are paid for.

This is a renewable contract.

We also offer world class benefits, there is an R&R Incentive of up to $2,500 per R&R up to three times in a 12 month period.

Company 401k, where we will match up to 4% of your total compensation and you are vested immediately.

Additionally, you will receive Profit Sharing at the end of every quarter.

Please note that WE ARE the only DLITE company with a universal participation profit-sharing plan.

As a thank you for your service, we will provide you with a security clearance and also offer you up to 3 months off a year that you can take to be home with your families as well.

Lucy Jensen | Military – Civilian <; <;

(310) 455-2002 | <>

ManTech Seeks West Virginia TS/SCI Professionals

Got a friend with great skills and a TS/SCI looking for a new position?

If you know someone actively seeking a new opportunity in Clarksburg, West Virginia that would be interested in attending this event on either day, please send a copy of their resume to Mike Giovanetti at — Mike can provide details on how to earn your $1000 referral.

Women Don’t Belong in Politics – Says Who?

#MDWomensForum #YDMWC #Women #Maryland #MDGA17 #Politics “You are wasting your time working in politics!” “A woman will never be President because women are too emotional and make bad decisions!” “What you do in politics doesn’t matter it doesn’t impact me in my life. I’m too busy working and taking care of my family.” This is just a glimpse of the comments I received from a man when I spoke about my passion for politics. I like to be fully transparent. There are still chauvinistic men that exist in this world that absolutely do not respect nor want women in power. To those men and others who think like them I say: “Women lead and we do a damn good job at leading!” I truly love what I do. I love making a difference in this world. I love helping other women not just enter politics but WIN elections. Our voices matter! Women serving in elected positions matter! When women serve in office we get things done!

I had the honor to attend the Maryland Women’s Legislative Forum sponsored by the Young Democrats of Maryland Women’s Caucus.
Delegate Aruna Miller, Delegate Pam Queen, Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins, Delegate Angela Angel, Dr. Leana Wen the Health Commissioner of Baltimore, and Elisabeth Sachs of the Job Opportunities Task Force all served on the panel to discuss legislation directly impacting women and immigrants.

Two of the major highlights was the Maryland Law Enforcement and Governmental Trust Act and the Maryland Paid Sick Leave Bill. The Delegates and Advocates informed all women in attendance on how they can support and advocate to help get legislation passed. There was also a discussion on how women can prepare to run for office and ways that women can support political campaigns. Three of the State Delegates
were trained by EMERGE Maryland a women’s organization designed to train and equip women to run for office and win. Another political training organization highlighted was Wellstone.

What steps can you take today to support your local candidates? First find out who your elected officials are and then contact them. Ask how you can help? If you are interested in running for office visit the Maryland board of elections website and educate yourself on the requirements to run for office. Consider taking political training to prepare and build your network. Together we can all work to build a better Maryland!

Websites for more information:

Maryland Board of Elections

Find Your Maryland Elected Officials

EMERGE Maryland

Wellstone (Training)

Maryland Legislative Session 2017

#MissingDCGirls #FindOurGirls

#MissingDCGirls #FindOurGirls There has been a total of 501 missing juveniles in D.C., as of March 2017, of those cases 18 critical cases are still open and 4 non critical. Let’s be clear any child that goes missing is a great concern but let’s recognize that the Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC) tirelessly works to find every missing child.

I challenge everyone to first verify facts before reacting. Many of these youth are runaways. Let’s address this issue for a second. How do we create and build wrap around services to help our youth feel safe at home or find our youth alternative places to live? Let’s work together to come up with real solutions to address the underlying problems.

The increased awareness that has been noted is directly due to the MPDC strategically putting these cases on all of their social media platforms. The current discussions about these missing children in D.C. is a positive step to raise awareness and hopefully save these children from possible human trafficking, organ harvesting, or death.

The great work of the MPDC should be recognized. These officers work day in and day out to find these children. Please give them proper credit for actually getting the public talking and for raising awareness about these missing children. It is a positive sign that the media, Congressional Black Caucus, the Department of Justice, and the Mayor’s office are now actively involved. Hopefully the increased spotlight on these missing children will bring them all back home safely.

For more information on the missing children in D.C. please check the MPDC website:

Marching Our Veterans Back to Work

Dear Friend,

We have an amazing opportunity for those who are #veterans thanks to Farmers Insurance, ZIPS Dry Cleaners and St. John Properties Inc. Are you a veteran seeking to get back into the work force and hoping to put your best foot forward during your interview with a nice suit? On March 18, 2017 from 10am to 2pm we will host an event where the first 750 veterans that sign up will be given a free suit to help make that first good impression. Only those who register and have a valid military ID or DD-214 will be allowed to attend the event. Please feel free to forward this to a veteran you believe could benefit.

Marching Our Veterans Back to Work!
18 Mar Saturday , Glen Burnie
March 18, 2017
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

To Register:

Cromwell Business Park
796 Cromwell Park Drive
Glen Burnie, Maryland
United States
Pete Smith

2017 Stand-Up for Women Vets by Final Salute Inc.

2017 Stand-Up for Women Vets by Final Salute Inc. #StandUp


Sat, May 13, 2017
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

To sign up for this event register here:


Women In Military Service For America Memorial
1 Memorial Avenue
Arlington, VA 22211

Stand-Up for Women Vets provides support for women veterans and military women in career transition.
As a woman veteran in transition, you will need more than a resume to ensure a successful transition into the civilian workforce.
We provide (free of charge):
Professional Business Attire
Dress Shoes
Image Consulting

The purpose of this event is not only to honor the service and sacrifice you have made to this great nation, but to also support our Sisters-in-Arms who are in transition or have transitioned and may need an image boost*.
We realize that some women Veterans, especially single mothers, may find the cost of securing an up-to-date professional wardrobe unattainable.
There will be a drawing for a $500 Macy’s gift card and a light lunch will also be provided.
*Professional services are first come, first serve.

The #NMAAHC #UndergroundWGN Season 2 Screening

Tonight I was humbled to attend the season two screening for the #UndergroundWGN at the #NMAAHC as a #NMAAHCAmbassador. The cast of the #UndergroundWGN #johnlegend #jurneesmollett #anthonyhemmingway #aishahinds #mishagreen #aldishodge #alanomiller #amirahvann moderated by #rexellis all served on the panel for a discussion on race relations. Each character is truly walking in their purpose to share our story of slavery, domestic violence, racism, racial injustices, and the psychological damage suffered by black men and women. #SimplyEbony

#Tips for Professional #Adults and #Students #Transitioning into #CyberSecurity or #IT

#Tips for Professional #Adults and #Students #Transitioning into #Cyber #CyberSecurity or #InformationTechnology #IT #Careers #SimplyEbony

Step 1: (ALL) Conduct a job search to research and determine eligible positions for Cyber, Cybersecurity, Information Technology (IT), Information Assurance, Computer Science, and similar career fields. Carefully review the requirements and ensure that your skills, education, and professional experience meet the requirements. Recommended sites:
· Indeed (
· USAJobs (
· Career One Stop (
· Intelligence Careers (

Step 2: Develop Training/Education Plan:
· (STUDENTS) Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor at your university to discuss a degree plan that is aligned with your desired career.
· (TRANSITIONING ADULTS) Search for professional certification programs, academic programs at both major universities and community colleges, look for training opportunities within your organization and free online/in class training options.
· (ALL) Seek a two year or four year degree in Cyber Defense or Information Assurance from one of the Centers of Academic Excellence:
· (VETERANS) Seek FREE training certifications here:
· (ALL) Look for professional certification grants, college scholarships, and training opportunities. Career One Stop is a great resource: (
· (ALL) Visit the IASE Website for detailed information on training and certifications required for Cyber Analysts. Obtain as many cyber certifications as possible to place yourself in a great position to land the jobs equivalent to your experience and desired salary. Here are the industry standards for both Department of Defense (DOD) and Private Industry for certifications:
Baseline Certifications:

Step 3: (STUDENTS) Find money for college
· Submit your FAFSA Application:
· Use the Scholly App to easily search for scholarships:
· Research scholarships for Students Interested in Intelligence Careers (Variety of Professions Cyber/IT, HR, Criminal Justice, Linguists, STEM, Business Management/Acquisition, etc.):

Step 4: (STUDENTS) Apply for Internship/Fellowship
· Students and Recent Graduates:
· Presidential Management Fellows Program (For Advanced Degree Graduates e.g., master’s, Ph.D., J.D.):

Step 5: (ALL) Network!
· Create a LinkedIn profile. Join industry groups and connect with professionals from your desired industry on LinkedIn.
· Contact your career advisor for help seeking internships/jobs.
· Connect with professors, members from your college alumni association, friends, family, mentors, colleagues, fellow members of professional organizations, fraternities, sororities, religious organizations, and volunteer organizations for references or leads for jobs.
· Attend Job Fairs and talk with recruiters to gain insight on desired skills and tips for landing the job! Do a search online for job fairs or contact your career advisor.
o Hiring Our Heroes:
o National Career Fairs:
o Intelligence Careers:

· Join professional organizations to network and gain industry inside knowledge. Examples of organizations include:
o National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA):
o Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA):
o Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA):
o National Security Executives and Professionals:
o Federally Employed Women:
o Blacks in Government:

Fit and Fierce

#Fitness #FitChick #Health #Wellness #GSC
This was me a year ago! Let’s see if I can get back on my healthy living and fitness journey. I rarely talk about my health goals but it’s important to share and hopefully inspire others. I lost 12 lbs naturally by drinking my green juice every morning, eating a healthy breakfast with eggs and turkey bacon, lots of salad for lunch, chicken, fish, and turkey, and I eliminated sugary juice from my diet. I still treated myself to chocolate occasionally. My goal is to lose 30 pounds this time around and tone this body through fitness and healthy eating. I rarely take full body shots or look in the mirror so I normally don’t see my progress. This time the purpose is to get back down to my comfortable weight and go shopping at my favorite stores for new cute outfits. The road to fitness is a lifelong journey! What fitness tips do you have to share with others?